It doesn’t matter who, where, how

There are many different ways of saying "it doesn't matter," such as by: n'import qui : anyone n'import quoi : anything n'import où: anywhere n'import comment : anyhow n'import quand : at any time n'import combien : any amount, no matter how much For example : N'importe qui peut le faire. / Anyone can do it. Vous pouvez m'appeler n'importe quand. / You can … [Read more...]

Un beau garçon et un bel homme

I still have trouble telling my husband he's a bel homme - it sounds too feminine! The rule is when the masculine adjective beau comes before a vowel (including the silent h), the spelling changes to bel. Tu est un beau garçon. Tu est un bel homme. Ah oui, cet homme est beau. PS. If you tell a man he's a bel homme, make sure you say un and not une! … [Read more...]